Why tackle air pollution now?

Because of news as such-

Smog blamed as girl, 8, becomes youngest lung cancer patient

A report from South China Morning Post: An eight-year-old girl has become the mainland’s youngest lung cancer patient, with her illness blamed directly on environment factors.

The girl from Jiangsu lived by a busy road where she inhaled all kinds of dust and particles, China News Service cited Dr Feng Dongjie of Jiangsu Cancer Hospital as saying. These included superfine PM2.5 particles, less than 2.5 microns wide, that are considered the most dangerous component of smog, Feng said.

The country’s breakneck urbanisation and industrialisation has created some of the world’s worst urban pollution, which is blamed for soaring rates of cancer and respiratory diseases.

In Beijing, which has suffered frequent, severe smog in recent years, deaths from lung cancer rose by 56 per cent from 2001 to 2010. A fifth of all cancer patients suffer lung cancer, figures from the Beijing Health Bureau show. It became the leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the capital and the second-biggest among women, after breast cancer, in 2010.


There is a need to reduce reliance on dirty fuel. Clean energy is reaching a level of grid parity, with the provision of financing and integrated solution, there is a way out. 

Thirsty for Talents

Drawing upon discussions with fellow Acumen Fellows and reflecting on my own journey, one of primary challenges in our work is talents crunch. Acumen CEO Jacqueline Novogratz’s article- Standing with the Poor on Stanford Social Innovation Review 10th Anniversary- highlight it succinctly.

A talent is an individual who can hold the tensions of audacity and humility, equipped with disciplined skills and execute with moral courage and resilience. 

“…perhaps most difficult, we must develop talent and leadership with the moral courage to see the world as it is and with the audacity and skills to imagine and then build it as it could be. Our portfolio companies constantly cite lack of talent as one of their biggest challenges. Some of our companies are growing from a few dozen on staff to more than a thousand in only a few years. One can imagine the recruiting hurdles, the need for new management systems, and the training that is required to achieve that kind of growth…”

Of Acumen’s 6 investment sector, we know that-

Water quenches thirst

Healthcare eradicates disease

Agriculture rids hunger

Education ends gullibility

Energy terminates impossibility

Housing shuts down insecurity

An input output equation

How about the inputs for creating Outputs of Water, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Energy, Housing…  to create the society we want to live in?

Part of the Input is capital, Acumen and more and more players are funneling in.

Another Input is talents. Thirsty for talents